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The need for the For Our Freedom Amendment is compelled by fundamental conservative principles and by our Founders’ vision … a nation where all citizens are free to participate in government solely accountable to the governed and free from the risks of corruption and tyranny that history shows grow in the dark swamps of concentrated power.

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Jim Rubens—Former New Hampshire State Senator and American Promise Board Member

Campaign Finance Academy co-presenter Jim Rubens has served as New Hampshire state senator and chair of the New Hampshire GOP platform committee.  Jim ran in the Republican primaries for U.S. Senate in 2014 and 2016 and was endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus. 

For his volunteer work, he was named 2013 New Hampshire Union Leader Citizen of the Year.  Jim is a serial entrepreneur and make his living as an investor in the commercial real estate and in New England high tech start-ups.  He serves on the board of American Promise.

Read the American Promise White Paper: A Conservative Case for the For Our Freedom Amendment

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Since the Supreme Court has taken a wrecking ball to the wall of separation between wealth and state and Congress has been complicit, we are pursuing a Free and Fair Elections Amendment via the state-based convention route.  The Article V convention route for proposing amendments was our founders' safeguard for representative democracy in case our federal government ever became unresponsive to the people.

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Wolf-PAC currently has active applications in VT, CA, IL, NJ, RI

Academy Co-presenter Sam Fieldman joined Wolf-PAC on day one for two reasons, his twin girls, Hanna and Ginny who would be born a few weeks later.  Sam went to the Fordham Law School with the idea of learning to use the law as a tool to follow the instructions of our founders to create "a more perfect union."  He began his legal career in the Public Integrity Bureau of the New York State Attorney General's Office, investigating political corruption, especially a pay to play scheme involving private equity firms and the 100 million dollar New York State Common Retirement Fund. 

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Samuel Fieldman
National Council for Wolf-PAC

Sam was working in the private sector when the citizens United decision prompted him to study campaign finance laws and how to fix the problems created, not just by that decision, but by the Court going back to the 1970s.  He found the Article V Convention process, but knew it could only be used with a large organization of dedicated volunteers.  That was why he joined Wolf-PAC as soon as it was announced.  Since that time, he has served in various roles and currently serves as National Counsel.